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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: A group should eather pick "Base Tour" OR "Transit Only" depending on if they want a full days tour type of service or just a Point-to-Point (to and from One activity) type of transit.

We have a Base Tour fee, this covers your pickup, drop-off, and all transportation while you are on the island, including taking you to and waiting for you at the activity (like zip line) facility. The base fee varies with the number of people you have in your group. The base tour fee ranges from $40 for a single person to $25 for 4 or more people.

We have a "Transit Only" Tour fee, this covers your pickup from the ship. Transport to and from ONE activity and back to your ship. This is used for Activities like SCUBA Diving, or maybe if a group only wants to do a zip line & nothing else.

We also collect for any Activities which charge a separate fee. As an example the Advanced Zip Line costs $45 per adult on the island and $40 if you buy it ahead of time. We collect the same fees for them and pay them directly. One of the big differences is that if you do not go on that activity - WE GIVE YOU A 100% REFUND!; they don't.

If you pay us with PayPal over the internet you also save the 16% Honduran tax.

Answer: Yes. Like in the old days when a shop keeper appreciates your business they would gave you a "bakers dozen" we do too! For every 12 people on the base tour, we will give you the 13th for free! The Activity fee monies go directly to the activity operator and we don't pad it with any monies for our selves, it the same fee or better than you would get on the island. So regretfully we can't discount these fees.

Answer: Half Moon bay on the western end of the island has rental of mask, snorkel, and fins for about $7 to $10/person/day with about a $25 deposit.

Answer: Yes All our guides speak English and Spanish very well.

Answer: Yes, that is correct. Your guide will stay with you, and bring you back to the ship when your group is ready. If you want to all go to get a snack he will take you and bring you back to the beach or he will be happy to go a get you food and bring it back to you. He is "your person" while you are on your custom tour.

Answer: The limit on the zip line is 300 lbs and they have a variety of harnesses.

Answer: No, not really. The island is too big and I would never risk you being late for your departure.

Answer: There is a bar and light fare on the Beach. There are also restrooms and showers there too.

Answer: We have never had even an injury with one of our guests on any of our tours. We have been doing tours on Roatan sence 2003.

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